High-end "Jingles"- Cherry On Top


We believe audio is the cornerstone of every production ever and we truly understand the need for great audio whether its accompanying a film, recording a live performance or anything in between. It needs to be clear, balanced and mastered at every stage of delivery, and this is one of the reasons we stand out from other production companies. 

Rob Denning, the founder of Immense Imagery, is a 20 year musician and has a degree in music from the University of Northampton, as well as extensive experience of working in recording studios across Great Britain. His view on audio is quite strong - feel free to ask him how important it is. I'm sure you'll find yourself very entertained. 

We use a combination of uniquely recorded music, dialogue and sounds as well as a huge bank of pre-recorded material to build our products.

Local Radio Heros and Headliners of 2017 Cherry Idol... Pump up the volume and put the "Cherry On Top!" Listen Here!