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Klickitat County

Goldendale Community Days Parade 

At Immense Imagery we make it our goal to capture the best moments from your favorite community events. this clip of the goldendale community days parade is just one of the many events we've filmed

Project Patch Retreat Center

when filming for real estate we make sure to show your property in a way that captures the qualites that make your property uniqe 

Klickitat Rally Racing

Heres a clip from another community event we filmed. we filmed the most captivating moments from the klickitat county rally races

Kathy Schwartz

Kathy Scwartz for County Commissioner ~ Scott McKay ~ 2018


Kathy Schwartz mission statement 

When it comes to personal campaigns its important to us that we get your message across in a way that resonates with the viewer

Why you Should vote for Kathy Schwartz

Why vote Kathy Schwartz for county commissioner? Kathy has all spent 15 years working for Wasco county and was the director of public health. Kathy knows that Wasco county needs a different approach and change of the current commission make-up.

Kid Sense

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in the clip above you can watch a wide display of work we've done for companies many local business all throughout the Gorge

KidSense Music Video

Kidsense provides specialized pediatric therapy services in the Columbia Gorge area. Our fully equipped sensory integration and rehabilitation clinic provides occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and massage therapy for a wide variety of issues.

KidSense Pediatric Therapy Center

Heres a look at our facility and all the activities we have to offer to help your child grow and stay healthy

A Kidz Dental Zone

Your Child's Health

Fun With Kids Dental Zone

Families in the Park Kidz Dental Zone Sponsored Event

A short film to promote how getting your kids involved in their hygiene health empowers them to be experienced and educated for their future success, both in dental care and the lives they will lead

A Kidz Dental Zone is always sponsoring and organizing these amazing events for the communities that they work in to bring the Community Family together to celebrate life through music, dancing, and simply being together

At A Kids Dental Zone our care goes beyond just your child's teeth. we ensure your childs saftey and full health.

Nichols Art Glass

Andy Nichols

Andy Nichols is a local Glass Artist based in The Dalles, OR servicing the Columbia River Gorge and the rest of the world

Basalt Chandelier Lodge

In the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, Andy Nichols Creates beautiful and unique pieces of art glass . His pieces can be seen in galleries, private collections and exhibits across the USA and abroad. 

Viking Exhibit

Take a look at Andy's amazing glass artwork from his viking exhibit

Fort Dalles 

Downtown Fourth Concert

enjoy a full day of fun and entertainment July 1st, Downtown the Dalles with the band "Love and Theft" AND the largest fireworks display in Oregon

Fort Dalles Fourth 

The Annual Fort Dalles Forth is an opportunity to bring our community together to celebrate our independence, honor our veterans and active service members, and to introduce and attract visitors to all The Dalles has to offer.

Fourth Activities

There's tons of activities that you and the whole family can participate in.

Maryhill Winery

Winery and Vinyerd Tour

At Maryhill Winery there's variety of things to enjoy. take a tour through the beautiful vineyard, listen to a live performance at the amphitheater or indulge in wine tasting while overlooking the gorge 

Live Performance 

Maryhill is well known for its amphitheater and having some of the best live performers come and play the stage. come relax, drink a glass of wine ( or 2) and listen to some of the best live music in the gorge

Maryhill Car Show

Immense Imagery teams up with Klickitat County to experience and capture the local events and celebrations of the greater Goldendale area! Here is a highlight promotion for the Concours De Maryhill Classic Car Show as well as the Goldendale Harvest Fest for the fall promotion of these events

Blue Zones Project

Blue Zone Project

Blue Zones Project® is a community well-being initiative that makes healthy choices easier in all the places we live, work and play. Working with local leaders to empower communities and make healthier-choices easier for everyone

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Briana Renea

There's this Guy (Official Music Video)

Immense Imagery works with local musician Briana Renea. She has developed her Country roots naturally growing up on a rural farm in Canby, Oregon in the heart of the Pacific Northwest

Tombstone ( Official Music Video)

Briana Renae released her EP “Red Lips White Lies” in May 2015 and is continuing to produce, record and expand her story. 

Coming Soon...

Strong Community Schools

The Dalles High School From the Students Point of View

The Dalles high School has been around since 1941 and has made little accommodations to keep the school modern and up to date. The students are tired of it and are trying to make change.

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...