Creative Film Investment Opportunities


Invest in the world around us while branding your organization as memorable and unique. Our film opportunities are not something you stumble upon.

they offer you a product that will allow you to stand out further and in a more memorable way than others—especially in a social media world where content is king.

When you invest in one of our film projects we:

  • Include you in open dialogue discussions on direction and enabling you to build in your company or products placement where relevant and possible. This can be from using branded trucks through to a simple sponsored by logo and almost anything in-between.

  • We release the film to your social channels, building your online presence in a uniquely interesting way.

  • We thank you the sponsor in the film using dialogue and branding 2 times.

  • You choose the opportunity that suits you and your company.

  • We gain your approval prior to release.

  • We offer comprehensive, multi platform managed marketing of the film post release for broad exposure.

Our current opportunities

Underwater Glass Art Installation at Crater Lake

Andy Nichols creates and builds a glass art instillation underwater in Crater Lake. The film documents the various challenges that he will face along the way. We believe he will be the very first person in the world to build a glass art sculpture underwater. We will then remove the sculpture as to not damage the environment.

Time frame - 4 Months

Investment Opportunity - $5000

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These are some other earlier much more simple films with Andy.

The Long Way Up Mt Adams

A film project of an epic journey up Mt Adams or a nearby PNW volcano starting from a hotel we put the gear together, drive, walk, climb and conquer the mountain and return to the base. This will likely include skiing, snowboarding, kiting, comedy, camaraderie, love for the mountain and the outdoors as well as some decent human struggle.

Time Frame - 4 Months

Investment Opportunity - $3000

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Mt Adams.jpg