‘Immense Imagery’ company launching soon in The Dalles


Columbia Gorge residents Rob Denning and Scott Scrimshaw are launching a new visual production and marketing company in The Dalles.

“We're bringing the power back to the small business community in their professional strategies” Denning said.

Denning, a graduate of England's North Hampton School of Music, has worked alongside successful music groups including One Direction, Coldplay, and New Order, according to a news release.

Scrimshaw, former state director for Libertarian Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign, joined Immense Media. “We're bringing not just the small businesses but also their local communities to both an online and real time audience,” Scrimshaw said.

Immense Imagery will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony at 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 8, at 401 West Fourth Street in The Dalles.