An ‘Immense’ leap into marketing


A new marketing company in The Dalles is bringing an international level of expertise to the local community.

Owner Rob Denning and managing director Scott Scrimshaw officially launched the new business — Immense Imagery, LLC -— on March 8.

“We’re a new business, but we have old ties to the community,” said Scrimshaw, who lived in The Dalles in the 1990s. “We love this town.”

Denning said the business located at 401 W. Fourth Street offers high production quality and global marketing experience.

“We're different," he said. “We’re offering a new service — to give small businesses the ability to market themselves online inside and outside the Gorge. We want to give business owners the opportunity to say what they want to say to the people they want to say it to, and then listen to that audience and respond.”

“We offer engaging, dynamic digital media that really grabs attention and showcases unique things about the business,” said Scrimshaw.

The new firm offers a variety of digital services, including live streaming on Facebook, film and video that focuses equally on audio and visual attributes, music, website creation, and even the capability of filming from a drone platform.

Denning displayed an innovative website he designed for Bent River, a new restaurant in The Dalles. One portion of the site featured a live list of the beers that were currently available on tap at Bent River’s bar.

“As they change their beers, the website changes online automatically,” he pointed out. “It’s all about empowering business owners and giving them the power to market themselves.”

The business partners have some interesting backgrounds. Denning was born in San Jose, Calif., but has spent most of his life in England.

Not long ago, he was working for a record label in London that was making music for listeners in Nigeria.

He composed backing tracks and helped produce a song that was a top hit in Nigeria, and he believes his marketing push was a key reason why.

“We had a song called ‘Loving in the Morning.’ It was actually pretty bad, but we pushed it so hard,” Denning recalled, laughing. “We plugged it for four days, and two weeks later the song was climbing the charts. It was insane — how did that happen? It was riding the online buzz we’d created, and it was completely miraculous.”

Scrimshaw, a former corpsman in the U.S. Navy, served as director for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s campaign in the state of Oregon last year. Now he is hoping to bring a “big business” level of marketing “into the small business price point.”

He pointed out that the company’s philosophy is that it’s not enough to simply showcase a company; the community the business is located in needs to be highlighted as well.

“We are able to compete at the quality level of national marketing firms, but at a fraction of the cost,” Scrimshaw said.

“We're bringing not just the small businesses but also their local communities to an online and real-time audience.

“Rob and I recognize that our businesses succeed when our communities do, and our communities succeed when their small business owners do.”

Both Scrimshaw and Denning believe The Dalles is nearing a tipping point that will bring significant economic success to the community.

“The Dalles is poised for real entrepreneurial growth,” said Scrimshaw.

“In the next five years, The Dalles is going to be bigger and better and have more economic growth than anywhere else in the Gorge,” Denning added. “This is the place. I’ve lived all over the world, and this is the best place.”

To contact Immense Imagery, call 541-399-0195, or visit the company’s website:

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