Immense Imagery Partners with The Dalles Chronicle

Immense Imagery and The Dalles Chronicle have partnered to create a digital platform to maximize the reporting of community events by putting readers at the scene.

“We are so excited about this partnership, it adds a new dimension to the news,” said Chelsea Marr, publisher of the Chronicle and Hood River News. “The videos produced by Immense Imagery are professional and interesting — they really capture the moment.”

The first joint project airs today; a short clip to promote the grand reopening of the historic Granada Theater, which starts Friday and continues through Sunday. (See related story.)

Immense Imagery’s video above also accompanies the story written by reporter Jesse Burkhardt can be found on the Chronicle’s Facebook page and website,

The video was sponsored by First Community Credit Union, Griffin House and the Lyle Hotel.

“We now have a comprehensive voice to showcase the community in a way that bridges generations,” said Rob Denning, who founded Immense Imagery in The Dalles two years ago.

Since that time, the company has encapsulated not only events, such as the Northwest Cherry Festival and Families in the Park, but advertised businesses and promoted causes, such as the drive by The Next Door, Inc., to get more than 200 foster children in good homes.

On Monday, Immense Imagery will begin livestreaming The Dalles City Council meetings, so residents can watch their local government in action from the comfort of their living rooms. People wanting to tune in can do so on Immense Imagery’s Facebook page, and The Dalles Chronicle Facebook page, where they can comment, share and use emojis in response to what they see.

“The millennials are discovering that it is enjoyable to sit at the table and read their community newspaper,” said Scott Scrimshaw, managing director for Immense Imagery. “Millennials also want the option of getting their news online, and they want more interaction, so adding these videos will bridges generations.”

Last year, the Chronicle became the first newspaper in the Gorge to post an e-version of its daily paper for the convenience of readers on the go.

RaeLynn Ricarte, managing editor, said adding videos, either short clips or longer segments, will continue the paper’s push to meet the diverse needs of readers.

She said stories posted online will “pop” when Immense Imagery joins reporters in the field to add footage that makes the moment come alive.

“There is so much that happens behind the scenes during an interview that can’t really be explained in print, and some mishaps that are hilarious, and now people can be there with us,” she said.

Ricarte will be starting the Rural America series in January that will explore interesting places to visit in the Gorge. She said Denning is just quirky enough to find hilarious and poignant moments to share, so people need to stay tuned to see what he delivers.

“I think it’s great we can work with a partner in this new media,” said Mark Gibson, who implemented a new website for the Chronicle several years ago and helped get the e-version up and running. “The work of Immense Imagery has been very good quality and meshes well with the newspaper’s desire to tell the stories of this community.”

Scrimshaw said Immense Imagery is dedicated to promoting economic development in the Gorge and looks forward to also one day working with the Hood River News and White Salmon Enterprise, which are also owned by Eagle Media, the parent company of the Chronicle.

The videos produced by the company will be sponsored by newspaper advertisers, providing another avenue to get the word out about goods and services.

“We are going to be creating effective commercials that will reach beyond this region in a way that is fun and uplifting,” he said.

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