A Kidz Dental Zone

Happy healthy kids, for a lifetime.

We believe in what they’re doing up at A Kidz Dental Zone in The Dalles and Hood River. Dr House and his team are constantly striving for better, less painful, and less scary dental treatment for kids. They truly understand that if and when children have a poor dentist experience , they’re exponentially more likely to have poor oral health as an adult from not wanting to return to the dentist, leading to a world of other health problems. If you care about your child’s teeth, care about their relationship with the dentist too and feel free to ask them questions on how to address this if you’re having problems.

We manage a broad scope of marketing services for A Kidz Dental Zone, including their website, video, Google and Facebook Ad’s. We’re also huge supporters of everything they do.

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Wasco Library


Wasco, Dufur and Maupin Libraries

This project was a challenge of empowerment, we didn’t want to just build a site, we wanted to put the staff at the library in control of the way they reach there visitors. We wanted to create a facility by which the library could publish there own events, images, and medias, even collect attendance figures and data for future marketing. We did just this, then we educated the library staff on how do it too. Leaving the Library and it’s staff without financial obligation.



Blue Zones Project


Live Longer, Better in The Dalles

The Blue Zone project in The Dalles is an amazing project, focused on making our environment and lives safer, healthier and more connected. They do this though a number of amazing initiatives, we’re believers in the Blue zone project, get involved and feel great!

Our work consist’s of ongoing video marketing as well as photography for the project. We build there engagement and have a blast in the process.


Nichols Art Glass

Truly unique hand blown glass art pieces.

Andy approaches his craft in a non-traditional manner, striving to challenge the boundaries with every piece and maximize his individual capacities and style. 

Nichols Art Glass supplies to numerous galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest. In addition, several larger installations may be found in regional hotels and lodges. 

Andy Nichols is dedicated to his art and to the adventures that hot glass takes him. Come explore and see what new adventures Andy is taking today.

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The Next Door


Foster Parenting Recruitment Campaign

Working with The Next Door is a real privilege, the unwavering support and aid they give to The Gorge communities is unparalleled. Our work with the foster parenting team had some great success within the community and still does as they continue to use the video 2 years later.


Toole, carter, Tissot and Coats LLP

Advice you can trust.

Serving Oregon and Washington since 1917.

Toole & Carter understand that life is uncertain and change is inevitable in our increasingly complex and fast-paced world. There attorneys protect you and what you care about, with solutions for your personal and business challenges. 

Good attorney’s are hard to find, we think these guys are a great choice.