A Kidz Dental Zone


Happy healthy kids, for a lifetime.

We believe in what they’re doing up at A Kidz Dental Zone in The Dalles and Hood River. Dr House and his team are constantly striving for better, less painful, and less scary dental treatment for kids. They truly understand that if and when children have a poor dentist experience , they’re exponentially more likely to have poor oral health as an adult from not wanting to return to the dentist, leading to a world of other health problems. If you care about your child’s teeth, care about their relationship with the dentist too and feel free to ask them questions on how to address this if you’re having problems.

We manage a broad scope of marketing services for A Kidz Dental Zone, including their website, video, Google and Facebook Ad’s. We’re also huge supporters of everything they do.

Ask us more about it!

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Wasco Library

kids wing shoot-1.jpg

Wasco, Dufur and Maupin Libraries

This project was a challenge of empowerment, we didn’t want to just build a site, we wanted to put the staff at the library in control of the way they reach there visitors. We wanted to create a facility by which the library could publish there own events, images, and medias, even collect attendance figures and data for future marketing. We did just this, then we educated the library staff on how do it too. Leaving the Library and it’s staff without financial obligation.

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Blue Zones Project

Bluezone The Dalles Opening Event Civiv Auditorium Immense Imagery Photography Health Wellness Community Fun-1 (1).jpg

Live Longer, Better in The Dalles

The Blue Zone project in The Dalles is an amazing project, focused on making our environment and lives safer, healthier and more connected. They do this though a number of amazing initiatives, we’re believers in the Blue zone project, get involved and feel great!

Our work consist’s of ongoing video marketing as well as photography for the project. We build there engagement and have a blast in the process.

Jamie Mcleod Skinner for Congress


Jamie for Congress 2018 Campaign.

Working with this campaign was a real pleasure, we added value by creating shorts for social media and TV, targeting both young voters, and the opposing side with one of our films reaching more than 50,000 people within this congressional district over 8 weeks. Check out some of our work with the campaign below.



Kidsense - 'A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine'

Immense Imagery’s founder, Rob Denning has an extensive background in working with children. He lift the room up, twists it around and leaves it with an energy you cannot buy in a can. This project was exceptionally fun and you can tell in the footage. Check out the media, and If you have friends or family struggling with child development, go speak to Annette at Kidsense, you’ll thank yourself later i’m sure.

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Nichols Art Glass

Truly unique hand blown glass art pieces.

Andy approaches his craft in a non-traditional manner, striving to challenge the boundaries with every piece and maximize his individual capacities and style. 

Nichols Art Glass supplies to numerous galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest. In addition, several larger installations may be found in regional hotels and lodges. 

Andy Nichols is dedicated to his art and to the adventures that hot glass takes him. Come explore and see what new adventures Andy is taking today.

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Build By CMS

Build By CMS-12.jpg

Local, Quality Craftsmanship From Our Family to Yours.

After remodeling and selling three of his own homes, Chad Smith realized that he had found a passion in building and remodeling, and decided it was time to start his own general contracting business.  He got an amazing start before coming to us to help define the companies look. Check them out online, Chad and the team look great!

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Eco Glass Straws

glass straw-emptyglass- cleaning brush- straight on11.jpg

The Original Glass Straw, Made in Hood River, OR.

If we continue the way we do, by 2050 there will me more plastic in the ocean by weight than fish, there is a very serious need for products such as the Eco Glass Straw and it’s our pleasure to help them get it out there.

We can make a local and global impact if we take the necessary measures to do so. No matter how small the steps might seem, each step is magnified when millions of people contribute.


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Innergy Counseling

Innergy Counciling Portland Family marriage therapy mental health welness relationship marriage councilling-24-2.jpg

Truly Holistic Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples. Portland OR

Innergy Counselling and the work of Katherine Jansen-Byrkit changed the way we communicate with others, her teachings are absolutely invaluable, If you’re having trouble communicating with yourself or with a loved one we strongly recommend giving Katherine a call.

The Next Door


Foster Parenting Recruitment Campaign

Working with The Next Door is a real privilege, the unwavering support and aid they give to The Gorge communities is unparalleled. Our work with the foster parenting team had some great success within the community and still does as they continue to use the video 2 years later.

Klickitat County

Festival 1920 .Still027.jpg

Experience Goldendale Washington

Located on the dry side of Washington State, with expansive farms and wheat fields, vineyards, timberland, and magnificent Mount Adams as a backdrop, the rural pioneer town of Goldendale is rich in cultural heritage, and natural wonder. Whether you are an outdoor adventurer, wine or cultural enthusiast, or simply enjoy getting away from it all, Goldendale, at the heart of the Eastern Columbia River Gorge, has something for you. We invite you to experience Goldendale. Our door is open and you are always welcome!

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Advanced Pediatric Density

hermiston visit -20.jpg

At Advanced Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics we believe that every child deserves quality dental care.

Advanced Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Pasco and Hermiston are really quality people, they take great care of there patients, there accessible and friendly and they’ll be adding new tech soon to make it even better. Check out there website, like others, we put them in control and gave great access to those looking on mobile devices.


Coming soon!

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Simple CBD



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Simply Pure, Naturally Effective

Simple CBD, connects you with the highest quality CBD products and delivers them fast, wherever you are. All of there Cannabidiol (CBD) products start with organic, non-GMO, hemp grown in the USA and is processed using no chemicals, solvents or harsh extracting methods. The result is CBD of the highest quality and consistency available anywhere across the USA. Check out their website.


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Stave and stone Winery


Outstanding Homegrown Wine.

If you haven’t tried Stave and Stone’s Rose yet, it should definitely be on your list. The gentle sweetness and smooth finish will have you sipping your way through the mayhem in Hood River in no time. Our projects have mostly consisted of film with Stave and Stone, and we’ve loved every step. Look out for the nirew winery - its stunning location will be a super summer hideout for watching the sunset and having a sip.

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Hood River Lavender

Hood River Lavender Farms 4Columbia Gorge buy lavender online hood river odell portland pacific northwest pnw creams lavender_-3.jpg

Locally Grown, Organic, Lavender.

Hood river Lavender is an organic Lavender farm located in the beautiful Hood River Valley of Oregon that not only grows acres of lavender, but also steam distills it’s lavender to produce pure essential oil of lavender. It is with this oil & flowers that they manufacture their own Bath & Beauty Products, including handmade Lavender Soap, Aromatherapy items, Organic Lavender Perfume, Lavender Culinary products and tea, and Dried Lavender flowers & More.

“We hope you will try our quality products and share them with friends and family. We take pride in handcrafting all of our products, using local product and labor, growing and distilling under strict Organic practices, and enjoy bringing the best of our world to you.”

Check out some of the media we have created with Hood River Lavender, we always come back smelling great!

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Toole, carter, Tissot and Coats LLP

toole and carter law office the dalles immense imagery digital media web design (2 of 2).jpg

Advice you can trust.

Serving Oregon and Washington since 1917.

Toole & Carter understand that life is uncertain and change is inevitable in our increasingly complex and fast-paced world. There attorneys protect you and what you care about, with solutions for your personal and business challenges. 

Good attorney’s are hard to find, we think these guys are a great choice.

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Kathy Schwartz - Wasco County Commissioner


Kathy Schwartz for Wasco County Commissioner 2018

What happens when a brilliantly educated, caring and equal minded person comes to you and asks for help? Well, you help them. We delivered an exceptionally strong online campaign for Kathy Schwartz and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Delivering both a social as well as a YouTube driven local campaign that was highly successful. Securing 56% of the vote against a well liked incumbent to elect Kathy as the second female in to ever hold the post.

We built her campaign website as well as photography and video, most of the media has now been removed as the election is over, we’ve put some here for you to check out.

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There are many more projects, If you would like to see more, or something more specific to your field, ask us - we’re always happy to answer your questions.