FILM Production


One-third of all the time people spend online is dedicated to watching videos.

A video is three dimensional; not only can your targeted audience see and hear your products in a beautiful way, they feel them. Video can move your viewer's emotional state and their buying habits. The marketing industry has known this for a long time - look at TV. We’re forward thinkers at Immense Imagery, and we work with you to create success in your business. We carefully evaluate your market domain with you and refine the messages using our unique engagement feedback model. We’ve done big things for the businesses throughout the Columbia Gorge Area. Check out our recent work and get your thinking cap on; our campaigns will make you think.


Where can you use these videos?

You can use them anywhere! We can make films for YouTube advertising, Cinema adverting, Advertising on Facebook, and much more! Ask about suggestions on where you should put your film!

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Marketable content creation that provides ROI.

Film can be an incredibly useful tool in lots of different contexts. you can tell a story product invite people to events educate them and even win their votes. We enjoy making film and it's an all engaging process yet you won't find us in pajamas making graphics too much as our work is usually centered around the lens.

We’ve worked with clients across a wide gambit of industries, and in each domain, we’ve proved our value to our communities.

  • Campaigns

  • Non-profits

  • Arts

  • Music

  • Wine and Agriculture

  • Medical and Dental

  • Ecommerce and product lines

  • Public entities

  • Real Estate

  • Sports

  • Events

  • Insurance and Business Services

  • Restaurants and Food

We're always delighted to talk about your project and ideas in detail without obligation, give us a call today!



A picture is worth a thousand words and a minute of video is equivalent to 1.6 million words (apparently). That's why we always start with a camera; we capture the true fantastic nature of your business and your staff to bring the very best of your creation to your online visitors.

At Immense Imagery, we pair our high-quality photos with our beautifully designed websites to give you a powerhouse of awesomeness to display your business’s full potential. We use these photos effectively with future ad on’s like our Google Ad words and Facebook advertisements.

If you’re thinking of having some photographs taken and would like to know more, please contact us below or call us. Thank you.

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